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At ASRT, we believe in training and supporting young Malawi graduates and early professionals in their quest to further education and personal development. Click each resources to download below.

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For more details on the ASRT undergraduate grants, download the grant details and application form below. Email your completed application form to info@asrt-africa.com. Applications are accepted on a rolling-basis and will be acknowledged by email.


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Learn more about our interns at ASRT

Chigomezgo Mhango

Chigomezgo Mhango

ASRT Intern - 2021

In March, 2023, I was graciously assisted with payment of my examination fees for ICAM level 1 examinations by ASRT. The funding I was granted by ASRT was the springboard I required to commence my pursuit for the qualification of Chartered Accountant – Malawi. At that moment I had no other means of acquiring any funds to pay the examination fees therefore my studies would have been affected without the intervention of ASRT. I subsequently paid for a sitting of three examinations, wrote them, and successfully passed all of them. Right now, I am on course to finish my level 1, knowledge level, and looking forward to commence a higher level of professional examinations which are administered by Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales (ICEAW). On top of the funding, ASRT provided me the mental capacity to pursue further education.
Through working with ASRT, I have been mentored to grow professionally. ASRT provided me with an environment that nurtured my growth and encouraged me towards upskilling. I feel my academic journey is on track, and I look back to the moment in March 2023 where without ASRT I would have barely begun. My goals are to be an expert in financial management, planning and research therefore I am pleased to have been trusted and assisted to reach my goal through commencement of the Charted Accountant qualification.

We are excited to have Chigomezgo join our team!


Zione Daniel Luhanga

Zione Daniel Luhanga

ASRT Intern - 2021

Zione holds a BSc in Biomedical Sciences from the Mzuzu University. He is passionate about scientific research and medical sciences and enjoys the challenges they involve. His career goal is to become a researcher, to improve the field of laboratory sciences in Malawi and contribute to evidence based medical interventions through research. Through the ASRT internship, he looks to gain hands-on experience in research processes as well as to improve his soft skills. At ASRT, he hopes for the opportunity to contribute his experience and skills as well as to deepen his understanding of research and investigation methodology. Some of his hobbies include reading, watching the news and football, travelling, and interacting with different types of people. Welcome onboard Zione!

Lilian Kachitsa

Lilian Kachitsa

ASRT Intern - 2021

Lilian is interested to gain work experience in scientific research which will help her career progression to contribute to the delivery of quality health care, acquiring new and advanced skills for profession growth, and to become a researcher in the health field. She is also interested to become a highly productive person maximizing in professional, academic & creativity skills to initiate health related development activities as well as health promotion activities at community level in Malawi and beyond. She believes this internship will contribute to her experience and skills, deepen her understanding of research and investigation methodology, and also provide the exposure needed for her career as a nurse and midwife technician. Lilian’s hobbies include spiritual engagement, socializing, travel, new learning activities and enjoys watching informative television.

Lilian studied Nursing and Midwifery at St John’s Institute for Health in Mzuzu.

 Welcome onboard Lilian!

Vanessa Chikafa

Vanessa Chikafa

ASRT Intern - 2021

Vanessa has work experience in publicity and administrative roles such as Protocol and Event Management, Store Management, and a background in conducting qualitative research. She looks forward to developing her professional career further by acquiring new skills and capabilities through on job training and further studies. She believes through capacity building trainings, research methodologies and program implementation ASRT provides, to gain knowledge and skills for building effective work practices. She hopes to develop skills in networking, leadership, decision making and presentation among others for professional and personal development, and to gain practical experience in project management, monitoring and evaluation, project proposal and report writing through the USAID funded project in Human Resource for Health (HRH) ASRT is working on. In her free time, Vanessa likes to travel, listening to music, decoration for events, DIY projects and doing charity work.

Vanessa holds a bachelor’s degree in Humanities (Arts) from the University of Malawi, Chancellor College.

Welcome onboard Vanessa!

Girl Child- by Doreen Ziba

She is beautiful and innocent
At the age of eight
She walks freely with delight
Unaware of the dark corners of the room
Where evil lies
And awaits to conquer
That she is young and defenseless
it does not mind
With every step she takes by the dark corners
it’s hands evil extends
Eager to quench it’s lust and thirst
No one is there to warn her
Of the danger in the dark corner
As she is in her room
The safest place she could possibly be
She is defiled and abused
Robbed of her innocence
At such a young age

She carries an evil memory
Stuck in her mind like gum
They say time heals all wounds
But how can she forget
When she is surrounded by men
At their sight
She is reminded of her terrible fate
She lives in fear as she feels no place is safe
She walks binded by chains
As she is afraid if she breaks free
And walk freely
Evil might find her again
She finds safety in a cage
What did she do to deserve this?
Being a girl is not a crime
Nor a reason to be abused
End violence against Women and girls

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Featured youth stories and case studies

Zione Luhanga

My name is Zione Luhanga. I hold a BSc in Biomedical Sciences from the Mzuzu University. I am passionate about scientific research and medical sciences and enjoy the challenges they involve.

My career goal is to become a researcher, to improve the field of laboratory sciences in Malawi and contribute to evidence based medical interventions through research. Through the ASRT internship, I aimed at gaining hands-on experience in research processes as well as to improve my soft skills.

I worked in the project office, as the project officer and assistant project coordinator. My main tasks and assignments were; to provide support in the implementation of project activities, the support was provided in of carrying out activities and to support the project coordinator leading the project team in implementation. Under the supervision of the Executive Director, I provided support in development of AMELP, development of key indicators, and Theory of Change for HRH Project, preparing for baseline data by review of literature and developing a questionnaire.  I was tasked with compiling monthly and quarterly financial reports, where I drafted the annual report for the first implementation of the HRH project. Lastly, I assisted in the preparations of establishing ASRT laboratory services by procurement of items and equipment, making sure that various SOPs are available and preparing quality manuals. In my leisure time I enjoy reading, watching the news and football, travelling, and interacting with different types of people.

Virginia Ziba

My name is Virginia ZIba. I studied Public Relations, Communication and Cultural Studies and graduated from the University of Malawi, Chancellor College.

I was interested in gaining work experience in public relations and marketing and to use my career to contribute to the growth of companies in these areas in Malawi. ASRT was my first internship and I looked forward to appreciating things on the ground and to strengthen my communications skills. I believe that working at ASRT, through its main services of program implementation, capacity building and research helped me to grow and gave me the exposure I needed in my career as a public relations professional.

I worked under the USAID funded HRH project as a Public Relations Officer. My main duties and responsibilities included managing ASRT’s social media accounts; Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and ASRT website,creating multimedia content, promotional materials and developing ASRT’s quarterly Newsletter. In my spare time, I like to travel, listen to music, and interact with friends.

Alinane Kapokosa

My name is Alinane Kapokosa, and I am a Finance Intern at ASRT. I graduated from the University of Malawi, Polytechnic, in 2015 with a degree in Accountancy.

I work in the accounting department organizing some of the finances. Under the direct supervision of the Executive Director, I have been working on creating and maintaining an accounting system for ASRT that is both efficient and effective, in addition to managing the company’s social media pages. I have more than three years work experience in the field of Accounting, Auditing, Research and Administrative work, within several reputable organizations such as Standard Bank of Malawi and National Audit Office. In my time at ASRT, I have gained a number of new skills including networking, expanding on my already existing skills, and I have attained a sense of accomplishment through my contributions to the organization. In my spare time I like to watch football and read historical fiction.

Pamela Banda

My name is Pamela Banda, I am an intern working under the department of administration at ASRT.

I graduated from DMI St John the Baptist university in 2015 with a bachelor’s degree in social work, majoring in community development. I am responsible for various operation systems under the administrative department at ASRT. During the period of my internship program at ASRT, I have been working on finding grants for the Consultancy, with mainly two focus areas of health and education. have also found scholarships for the academic year 2020, and helped some youths follow the links of these scholarships on our website. My experience here at ASRT is very pleasant, as I have gained some skills, and still learning some, such as proposal development and website management. I am looking forward to advance my knowledge and skills through this consultancy, because the working environment is very flexible and allows me to cooperate with other colleagues.