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The Agency for Scientific Research and Training (ASRT) signed Memorandum of
Understanding with the African Fertilizer and Agribusiness partnership (AFAP) and Fertilizer
Association of Malawi (FAM) to collaborate on various activities and studies in the Malawi
Agriculture Sector.

Corporate Social Responsibility

ASRT has continued it’s commitment of supporting a senior citizen group of over 50 years old
men and women in Mzuzu as one way of its charity activities and fulfilling its corporate social
responsibility. The group is called Khama Older Persons Support Group from GVH Kakota. The
group is registered with Mzuzu City Council. ASRT has provided over MK800,000 to fund the
group activities. In addition, ASRT gives monthly cash support to those over 70 years in the
group. Among their activities are:


  • conduct small businesses to generate income for the group including buying and selling
    of commodities such as beans, groundnuts and rice.
  • Created a lending system using the money generated from doing business -group
    members borrow from the pot on a reasonably low interest which is going very well and
    growing the pot as a mechanism of self-help. The group plans to engage in more
    activities in the near future.



In the month of December 2023 ASRT has given a further MK300,000 funding to Khama Older
Persons Support Group during the festive season.