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Zoom Media and Events is a registered media and events management company
number MBRS1081583, October 2020 under the Business Registrations Act [No. 12
of 2012], of Malawi businesses database. The company envisions being a bench
mark for professional media and events management hub that meets media training
standards, while embracing experience-based skills for high-quality content

On 5 December 2022 the company’s managing director, Robert Edward,
requested funding assistance from the Agency for Scientific Research and Training
[ASRT] to purchase a network infrastructure unit called RET OUTDOOR
ANTENNA, for the uninterrupted network when providing live signal, to its program’s
live streaming services. ' We remain, grateful for the assistance which was given to
the tune of MK160,000. This was used to purchase the equipment, that helped
my business as briefly described below.


From the first day that the Antenna and Router was installed at Zoom Media and
Events in Lilongwe area 47/2, my business, attracted confidence from clients in
other operations beyond our expectations. ' we are now trusted to stream both
corporate and church functions and our services are always blind to network
interruptions because of the antenna.

Most recently, Zoom Media Events was given business to stream on both
YouTube and Facebook, a 2023/2024 crossover church service. Despite crossover
services being known for network and internet challenges, especially between
11:50 pm to 12:30 am, Zoom Media and Events' experience was different because
of the network equipment purchased with assistance from ASRT.
The funding has had a far-reaching impact beyond network provision as it has
boosted the credibility of our operations. Our posts of successful live streaming and live
signal production on social media has made individuals and organizations engage
us for non-live, recorded content productions such as weddings, engagements
and birthday parties.

In 2023, we produced a documentary for the Council for Non-governmental
organizations in Malawi CONGOMA. We have also produced both TV and radio
adverts for different companies and we were being booked for different outdoor
HD photography. Aside from all these activities and developments, the production of a
a live program called Kakhuta Gona is aired on Luntha Television live every Monday,
Wednesdays, and Fridays from 12:10
Most importantly, however, ASRT went beyond the provision of funding for
the purchase of the network structure for capacity building and mentorship on

The Agency spent time and resources to mentor Zoom Media and Events on how
to professionally handle a client, which has helped Zoom to not only find new
clients but even maintaining the already existing clients database for this we
shall always remain grateful.
The mentorship from the agency further helped to make clients understand a
professional manner, our upward price adjustments following the recent
devaluation of the Malawi currency.

Zoom Media and Events is now experiencing growth following the trust from both
faith-based and corporate world, which came about due to the network network
infrastructure unit purchased with funds from ASRT.
The internet infrastructure unit triggered energy and confidence for Zoom Media
and Events and in turn, brought in confidence from clients.
We look forward to the continued collaboration with ASRT and encourage the
agency to do the same for other young people who have dreams and ideas but
simply lack a push that changes the fate of their businesses.