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ASRT collaborates with Warwick Medical School, at the University of Warwick, UK. In this collaboration, ASRT supports the Masters in Public Health (MPH) Programme at the University.  This is an interdisciplinary degree course drawing upon expertise across a wide range of subject areas and seeks to explore the complexity of Public Health issues in the UK and internationally.  The programme has an innovative MPH module, Pathways to the Public Health Workplace, that aims to complement students’ existing subject specific knowledge and skills with an opportunity to undertake a real-world project in collaboration with various organisations. Apart from receiving an academic credit, students enhance their employability and receive valuable feedback on their performance in the workplace. In the longer term both the University and ASRT benefit from the partnership and the potential the collaboration brings. The following are some of the research topics students have worked on with ASRT:

  1. Pathways to the Public Health Workplace (MD90A): Course: MSc in Public Health -2020/2021

National Responses to COVID-19 Pandemic and Health Service Delivery Reconfiguration in Malawi, Zimbabwe, Dominican Republic, and UK

  1. Analysing varied national responses: alignment of national guidelines and policies (by Shaileen Atwal)
  2. Examine the service response and changes in various settings (by Chelsea Stuart)
  1. Pathways to the Public Health Workplace (MD90A): Course: MSc in Public Health – 2019/2020 

An Evaluation of the Usefulness of Information Collected by Various e-Health Systems in Malawi (by Kimberly Badoe)

  1. Humanitarian Engineering with Sustainability – 2018/2019
  1. Prevalence of Modern Family Planning Methods in Malawi (by Rebecca Coleby)
  2. Factors associated with traditional family planning use in Malawi (by Joseph John William Higginson)
  1. Pathway to the Public Health Workplace (MD90A): Course: MSc in Public Health – 2018/2019
  1. Risk factors for anaemia in children under 5 years in Malawi: A cross-sectional study (by Navami Vasanth)
  2. Protocol: Early Childhood Intervention for Developmental delay in children between ages 1-5years (by Faridat Raifu)