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On 6 and 7 th of July 2023, the Executive Director of ASRT, Dr. Mathildah Chithila-Munthali
attended a two day meeting in Bethesda, Washington DC, of the International Steering
Committee on Innovation and Equity Forum (IEF). The meeting aimed to consolidate ideas,
options and landscape analysis in women’s health research and development (R & D). It was a
culmination of 6 months planning, brainstorming and critical analysis of global pertinent issues
in R & D in women’s health. Over this period, the Steering Committee worked through 10 Sub-
committees. The IEF has 253 members with representation from 51 countries, including Malawi.
The entire process was funded via a collaboration between Bill & Melinda Gate Foundation and
the National Institute for Health (NIH). The consolidated R & D topics in women’s health agreed
in Bethesda will form the basis of research funding and calls for applications for research grants.
The full document can be found here…