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ASRT, in partnership with Malawi College of Health Sciences (MCHS) and Right to Care Malawi, commences the implementation of a USAID/Malawi funded project. The grant provides funding over a period of 5 years to ASRT and its partners in response to a call by USAID/Malawi to engage in “leveraging local capacity to strengthen Health service delivery”. Prior to the implementation of the project, ASRT will conduct a baseline survey as a benchmark and final project evaluation at the end of the project. As part of the project, ASRT will prepare MCHS students for organisational aspects of health service through soft skills training, ensuring that students graduating are equipped with core professional skills and competencies in addition to their preventive, clinical and nursing training. ASRT will provide technical support to MCHS faculty members in the form of continuous professional development of refined teaching methodology, project management skills, Public health research and publication capacity. ASRT will play a key role in developing the project’s monitoring and evaluation tools as well as providing continuous support on the project.

The projected impact of ASRT’s contribution to the project is enhanced student preparedness to deliver Malawi’s Essential Care Package, increased research capability of MCHS staff, improved quality of teaching, and increased access to qualified mentors to promote the project’s sustainability. This funding furthers ASRT’s mission of providing access to knowledge using best practice strategies to strengthen organisations, and promoting individual growth through its pillars of program implementation, capacity building and research.

The project kicked off on 5th May 2021. Stay tuned for more information as the project is executed. Sign up to our email newsletter to receive the latest updates on this and other ASRT projects in Malawi and Africa.